Sunday, 1 March 2015


When I was low you turned me your beau
I looked at you for hours to and fro
I smiled after years, eyes filled with tears
You made me euphoric free from my fears.

Once I was crying and cribbing all day long
I wanted to go away or beat myself with thong
You came to me and took me in your arms
Just like a wizard you brought me charms.

We slept together and drove in all weather
I do believe your heart is a feather
As wonderful as you are, I’d name you my fixer
If ever I had to name, I’d call you my Elixir.

P.S. - Thank you for being there and making me happy. I owe you a big time!


Friday, 19 December 2014

How Beautiful You Are?

I love the way you sleep when I am besides you,
Caressing, grazing and playing with my hands over you,
There is no reason for me to sleep but see you,
Because I can be awake but to see how beautiful you are!

I play with your soft lips and kiss your fingers,
All these in your sleep when your mind lingers,
Touching, smelling and breathing in your ears,
Because I can be awake to see how beautiful you are!

Your soft skin and painted nails make me insane,
For you, I can walk miles even through the narrow lanes,
Writing, texting all night to make you smile,
Because I can be awake to see how beautiful you are!



Wednesday, 17 December 2014


When I am sad and feels like I am apart
I see your pictures to bring smiles in my heart
Your cute face which ravishes joy
Am I the only one who feels Oh boy!
Your hair so smooth and styles of the panache
Your eyes so pretty, deep dark and posh
Your skin so clean with frivolous makeup
I wish I see you every time I wake up.
Your craziness of gadgets travels and fun
Inspires a million to evolve and stun
I wish I had you here with me in life
To cherish these moments and play you fife.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Hugs and Kisses

We met on an accidental note,
What followed was a moment of smote,
We tuned together to find some grounds,
Before we realized, we were close and sound.

I like the hugs you gave me first,
And kisses which followed filled my thirst,
I miss those hugs so much now,
Can you come over but I wonder how?

We shared some secrets and much more there,
Can I write them all to make you blush away?
Don’t forget the special impromptu dates,
For I never had them until you said yes.

Ah, like all the poems which come to end,
This shall stop here and see you red,
Words are over and not the thoughts,
Let’s come together and fill those dots!


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Jainism and Science

Jainism and Science

There are so many notions of life which are so mysterious to us, that we are constantly in search of it. Science is doing its part to get to know these equations and how they can solve it. Jainism (considered one of the oldest religions) has many answers to it.
After listening to a lot of lectures by physicists and also to the lectures of Jain gurus, I can easily resemble them.
A few examples I would like to share are –
    1.      Quantum physics states it is possible to be present at a place, disappear and be present at another place. Though it says, the probability of this happening is very less but it is definitely not impossible. Jainism also accepts this; in fact many Jains have witnessed something which calls this as a miracle during the life span of Acharya Kalapurna Suri.
   2.      Quantum physics also says that universe is ever expanding or contracting. This is very clearly mentioned in Jainism as aras and utsarpini. What physicists are yet to answer the question of what happens after contraction and expansion? But Jainism clearly states how it goes. It says, n utsarpini, the order of the aras is reversed; thus this never ending cycle continues. Definitely science is still in search of some questions.
    3.      Prof. Stephen Hawking quotes, God did not create this world, and Prof. Michio Kaku confirms it and states that he and Einstein believed in God of Order and not God of Creator. Jainism too states that God is one who creates order and by himself is not a creator. The first Tirthankara, Rishabhdeva was born at the far end of this ara. He taught the people the skills of farming, commerce, defense, politics and arts and organized the people in societies. That is why he is known as the father of human civilization. Thus there was universe before God.

This is just a few examples of stating the co-relation between science and Jainism. I would be sharing more as and when I know more about it.

Thanks for reading!
Hardik Bora

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Being Myself - Why change?

Hi, its been long since I wrote my last blog. But I am going to try and write often now, so that my mind keeps ticking in a right way. For a thinker, a thinking mind is necessary or else it gets junked up. So here I go again.

To begin with I am going to start with what has happened since my last blog. Well, lots of things have changed, lots of new people with whom I had an opportunity to have a conversation and many more stuff like that. I have moved on from my job in Mahindra and Mahindra, Pune plant to pursue my Masters of Science in Industrial Engineering in Iowa state university, USA. Its been couple of semesters now that I am here and things are pretty good and I look forward to achieve my goals and start up with a new career in USA. Moreover along with my masters, I am also doing a research in food supply chain. More about it will come in later blogs, once I make my mind to write about it.

So, to discuss with you, I would like to say, I have met many new people in these days and its been exciting and challenging to understand how things are. Sometimes I am glad I met them and sometimes I wish, I was in my comfort zone with the same people I knew and things would be good and less challenging. But such is a life. Change is constant and the only thing one should look forward to is "change". Change can be defined in various ways. While change has not many definitions than what all of us know, I really like the definition mentioned in It defines change as "The act, process, or result of altering or modifying".  What meaning I take from it is, change is always positive. Change is not necessary a
result. It can be also be the process or even the concept or an act which will eventually modify what your present is. If we look at the meaning of modify, it is defined as "To make less extreme, severe, or strong". That is change is always pleasurable since it makes the present less extreme and severe.

So, I would like to come to conclusion that change is always happy. And if you are not happy then there is no change. So if you are seeking for happiness, seek for change. And remember, you are unhappy not because of the change, instead you are unhappy since there is no change. I guess, this is enough of my philosophy for the day. Keep catching me.



Friday, 17 January 2014

India Outpowers China

Here I want to start a new debate why India will out power China.
We have hear many theories how India will out power China and become a super power of the world in coming decades. Most of believe that young population will be key. But I wanna start a new foray of thoughts  -  How India may out power China.

To begin with India is relatively younger country. India has democracy and India is mostly self dependent for its economy growth. China on the other hand is older, non democratic and dependent on USA for exports and Taiwan for imports of semi-conductors. But are these enough reasons to make India super power. Probably no. China is in the process of abolishing one child policy so they might start getting younger. Also Chinese economy has grown even during the economic slowdown so dependency on other countries is not the factor for them. Well democracy is the key. But I don't think that is the problem either at least not for the next few years. 

So then what is the key to India to out grow China? 
The wisdom, the social skills, the ability to be ambitious and the ability to be go getter, the culture, the religion and so and so forth. So the key is India's past. Very rarely we see people comparing the past to see where their future is? 

The word "China" is derived from the Persian word Cin (چین), which is from the Sanskrit word Cīna (चीन). So basically the China has it name roots in Indian Language. A language preached by Indian Gurus and Sadhus. Chinese are also considered as the followers of Buddha. So who is Buddha? Born in India and Preached in North eastern India.. whose teachings and followings are most widely followed in China and Japan. According to data - 90% people in Japan are followers of Buddha and 65% people in China. So what is the reason of this cross transfer of wisdom? India always known as land of Lords was never short of wisdom. We have the best books in world on wisdom. Vedas , Ramayanas, Mahabhartas, Gitas, Aagams, etc always transferred the required wisdom down the line in Indian culture. Language of communication is most of these literature being Sanskrit. Sanskrit is one of the very simple and commonly understood language with least probability of error in grammar. No wonder computers love Sanskrit. 

The way Indians communicate with the world. They are friendly, open minded and very hospitable. "Attithi Devo Bhava" describes our culture. In today's world of globalization, we are very ahead from rest if of the world in welcoming foreign people. We are open minded and open to change. Our cultures has have changed but we have stuck ourselves to our roots. We have been ruled by Muslims for 800 years and Christians for nearly 300 years and we still are Hindu majority country speaks volume about us. We have welcomed everyone irrespective of culture and religion but we have not left our roots. This is the power which no country in this world posses. We are go getter. Indians were the first founders of numeric system. The decimal system. Land of medical sciences and geometry. India has in its genes to be progressive. Sure we have lost a path but we are sensing some great shifts. India is going to observe one of its most important elections in 2014. Many international thinkers believe the time has come for India to out perform every other country. They are visioning India at the summit under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi. Professional believe, Mr. Modi as Prime Minister of India will only expedite its speed on becoming the super power. Nevertheless India will still become super power.

It is time India gets its due in world. Its time India out powers China!!! 

Hardik Bora