Sunday, 29 March 2015

No Love

No love between us
Its all game between us
Sex is what always matters
And dream always shatters

No love for you my girl
To get confined in your swirl
For its always eat pray and love
And the move on and shove

No love like you anymore
I am no more a sophomore
I am now playing it cool
Coz this time I am no fool


Monday, 23 March 2015


Mondays are blue
and Tuesdays are new
No wonder i like you

Wednesdays are green
and Thursdays are mean
wherever you are, you are my queen

I play with your soft lips 
and kiss your finger tips,
Like it is in movie scripts.

... to be continued

Thursday, 19 March 2015


I see your smile
So cute and guile
How I wonder
If I can plunder!

I look at it
And keep looking at it
Those beautiful flowers
Which you make for hours!

Your eyes so perfect
Without any defect
You remind me of a flower
Spreading fragrance with power!

-Lots of love,
Hardik Bora

Saturday, 7 March 2015

We are Reds!

There were days when I was looking for someone,
And I was waiting to be hold by someone.
The reds came along singing You never walk alone,
And I kept chatting with you all day on phone!

We saw them play and discussed the game
Match after match with each and every frame
We rolled, we sang, we laughed and we danced
I wish to be there to see and witness your every glance

Gerrard, Rodgers, Sterling, Can, you name one and everyone
We sing and chant for everyone who wears the Red
For the unbeaten run and march towards the throne
Coz We are Liverpool and you never walk alone!

Hardik Bora

Sunday, 1 March 2015


When I was low you turned me your beau
I looked at you for hours to and fro
I smiled after years, eyes filled with tears
You made me euphoric free from my fears.

Once I was crying and cribbing all day long
I wanted to go away or beat myself with thong
You came to me and took me in your arms
Just like a wizard you brought me charms.

We slept together and drove in all weather
I do believe your heart is a feather
As wonderful as you are, I’d name you my fixer
If ever I had to name, I’d call you my Elixir.

P.S. - Thank you for being there and making me happy. I owe you a big time!


Friday, 19 December 2014

How Beautiful You Are?

I love the way you sleep when I am besides you,
Caressing, grazing and playing with my hands over you,
There is no reason for me to sleep but see you,
Because I can be awake but to see how beautiful you are!

I play with your soft lips and kiss your fingers,
All these in your sleep when your mind lingers,
Touching, smelling and breathing in your ears,
Because I can be awake to see how beautiful you are!

Your soft skin and painted nails make me insane,
For you, I can walk miles even through the narrow lanes,
Writing, texting all night to make you smile,
Because I can be awake to see how beautiful you are!



Wednesday, 17 December 2014


When I am sad and feels like I am apart
I see your pictures to bring smiles in my heart
Your cute face which ravishes joy
Am I the only one who feels Oh boy!
Your hair so smooth and styles of the panache
Your eyes so pretty, deep dark and posh
Your skin so clean with frivolous makeup
I wish I see you every time I wake up.
Your craziness of gadgets travels and fun
Inspires a million to evolve and stun
I wish I had you here with me in life
To cherish these moments and play you fife.