Friday, 29 January 2016

Tell Me

Oh girl why did you come if you had to leave?
How did you feel when you were with me?
Tell me now so I can live.

My friend told me to forget and  move
I fought her thought with creed and bleed
Tell me why to live in peace.

Oh God why again and again it's me?
Don't you find other men than me?
Tell me now what to do to please?

Hardik Bora

My Love

Hey girl you came and left
Why did you come if you were gonna leave?
When you came how did you feel?
Tell me now so I can live!

One day you will know
How I loved you so much
If you ever find someone who loves you more than me
I would then say things happened for good

I don’t hate you for leaving me
I loved you once and forever
Shit has always happened to me
I would be glad if we ever did meet

If you ever miss me
I am just deep in sleep
Kick me and call out for me

I would awaken and be there for you!

Hardik Bora

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Kiss

The wait is long and love is so strong
The need is pure and I am so sure
The touch is ticklish and style is so finesse
The smell of treat and you are so sweet. 

This makes no sense to me or to you
But does it matter when love is so new
One thing I want which I may flaunt
Is to take you places for a jaunt. 

The touch is real and with you so clear
I wish you were here close to me dear
The bliss of your kiss is such a pleasure
That’s one thing I will always treasure.

Hardik Bora

Friday, 28 August 2015

The Connection

Love strangles and revolves around
You never know what you surround
Every word is like twinkle sound
You are like a jewel which I crowned

 Long ago I wanted you love
But never had courage enough
How I wished I had a dove
Who would deliver and call my bluff

 But then like every time came my pal
My brother who I think is my best wing man
Now I want you even if i have to pass the canal
With you together we shall make some flan

Hardik Bora

Sunday, 12 July 2015


Hey you, just get out and play
With friends and family near the bay
I like the smiles and little joy
Which you get after winning the ploy

I look at the view & feels like paradise
As if my eyes are hypnotized
So many crazy things happening all over
Lets go for a drive in my Landrover

Now I have a brand new spirit
Ultimate joy with no limit
Because I like the way we play
With friends and family near the bay

Let's love and Play,

Hardik Bora

Shit happens and I have diarrhea...

So after long time, here I go.
Well the title of the blog might express things happening in my life or may be I am going through. But to say it again would do no harm. As I say "Shit happens and I have diarrhea!" I hope this would explain a lot of things. But then there is a hope. Like every diarrhea can be cured, this too can be and will be. It is just patience which will help and of course with good medicines. So how why do I say life is shit and I have diarrhea?. Lets me run the story of two people in parallel just to give you an example.
Mr.A and Mr.B. Of course, both of them are metaphors for me. Mr. A loves sweets and delicious food. You can call him a foodie. People get orgasm while watching porn, this guy gets orgasm when he sees food. I think the work "foodporn" was derived for people like Mr. A. Then there is Mr. B, cool, funny, witty and charming. But there is a problem in his life. Girls fall for him. He makes them feel loved, cares for them, he makes them laugh and happy, gifts them and makes them feel special. After doing so, girls ditch him. And I think this has been happening to him since many years now. But the coolest thing about this Mr. B is, he has the best "best friend" in life and also the best possible family in the world. His brother is equally charming, smart and funny. His mother is caring, and stands behind him like an iron woman.
Ironically the lives of Mr.A and Mr.B run parallel. Doesnt seem to be true, but these is where the life gives you lemons (i mean surprises). Yes they run parallel and there is one incident which I am gonna share with you.

Mr. A, attends an Indian wedding. Well I am talking about the GREAT INDIAN FAT WEDDING. In India, its said, the success popularity and acknowledgement of marriage is dependent upon how delicious the food is. So Mr. A is always the first person to hop into such invitations. I mean where else do you find such grand scale of delicious food at such low rates (yes, you do pay for weddings in cash, gifts, bouquets or at least by travelling). He goes to all the buffet counters, eats lavishly and more than his capacity. No harm in eating, but eating more than your capacity, this is where the problem starts. Next day he spends the entire day in toilet, you know why? Yes you guessed it right, stomach upset. The only support he has is the medicines his doctor prescribed. Yes he loves food but its the medicine which is his best friend. In a day or two he is fine and back to his routine life. But guess what, does this incident change Mr. A? Of course not. After all he is a damn bloody foodie. So the cycle repeats.

Now coming to Mr. B. Why do you think his life runs parallel to Mr.A? well let me tell you this. He is himself! Loves to talk with people, make them happy and be generous. When someone asked him what does he do for living, he replied "He makes people around him happy!". What a gem of a person! Isn't it? Well but like Mr. A. too much love or caring or happiness is not good either. I mean he should understand that love more than the other person's capacity is not good for health. So what happens next? Well as said with this much love, the girl falls in love with Mr.B. She then woos Mr.B, Mr. B who is such a lovely and genuine person, falls in love and things seems so very good. Yes kinda dream land or dreams come true for the girl and Mr.B. But then something happens without any knowledge of Mr.B and the girl backs off from the commitment. This leaves Mr. B heartbroken.  Like medicines which come to Mr.A's rescue, Mr. B's best friend and family come to his rescue. In a day or two he too is fine and back to where it all started. Just like Mr.A he too keeps repeating the similar journey.

So the moral is Mr. A and Mr. B should either continue to enjoy their journey which is full of drama or may be listen to the respective doctors and alter their diets. Well as I said my life is a metaphor of Mr.A and Mr.B, I am either blind, deaf or dumb (reminds me of the great Helen Keller) to not listen to the doctors.

Let me end the story with lyrics form the famous song of One Direction

The story of my life
I take her home
I drive all night
To keep her warm
And time is frozen (the story of, the story of)
The story of my life
I give her hope
I spend her love
Until she's broke


Hardik Bora

Sunday, 29 March 2015

No Love

No love between us
Its all game between us
Sex is what always matters
And dream always shatters

No love for you my girl
To get confined in your swirl
For its always eat pray and love
And the move on and shove

No love like you anymore
I am no more a sophomore
I am now playing it cool
Coz this time I am no fool