Friday, 17 January 2014

India Outpowers China

Here I want to start a new debate why India will out power China.
We have hear many theories how India will out power China and become a super power of the world in coming decades. Most of believe that young population will be key. But I wanna start a new foray of thoughts  -  How India may out power China.

To begin with India is relatively younger country. India has democracy and India is mostly self dependent for its economy growth. China on the other hand is older, non democratic and dependent on USA for exports and Taiwan for imports of semi-conductors. But are these enough reasons to make India super power. Probably no. China is in the process of abolishing one child policy so they might start getting younger. Also Chinese economy has grown even during the economic slowdown so dependency on other countries is not the factor for them. Well democracy is the key. But I don't think that is the problem either at least not for the next few years. 

So then what is the key to India to out grow China? 
The wisdom, the social skills, the ability to be ambitious and the ability to be go getter, the culture, the religion and so and so forth. So the key is India's past. Very rarely we see people comparing the past to see where their future is? 

The word "China" is derived from the Persian word Cin (چین), which is from the Sanskrit word Cīna (चीन). So basically the China has it name roots in Indian Language. A language preached by Indian Gurus and Sadhus. Chinese are also considered as the followers of Buddha. So who is Buddha? Born in India and Preached in North eastern India.. whose teachings and followings are most widely followed in China and Japan. According to data - 90% people in Japan are followers of Buddha and 65% people in China. So what is the reason of this cross transfer of wisdom? India always known as land of Lords was never short of wisdom. We have the best books in world on wisdom. Vedas , Ramayanas, Mahabhartas, Gitas, Aagams, etc always transferred the required wisdom down the line in Indian culture. Language of communication is most of these literature being Sanskrit. Sanskrit is one of the very simple and commonly understood language with least probability of error in grammar. No wonder computers love Sanskrit. 

The way Indians communicate with the world. They are friendly, open minded and very hospitable. "Attithi Devo Bhava" describes our culture. In today's world of globalization, we are very ahead from rest if of the world in welcoming foreign people. We are open minded and open to change. Our cultures has have changed but we have stuck ourselves to our roots. We have been ruled by Muslims for 800 years and Christians for nearly 300 years and we still are Hindu majority country speaks volume about us. We have welcomed everyone irrespective of culture and religion but we have not left our roots. This is the power which no country in this world posses. We are go getter. Indians were the first founders of numeric system. The decimal system. Land of medical sciences and geometry. India has in its genes to be progressive. Sure we have lost a path but we are sensing some great shifts. India is going to observe one of its most important elections in 2014. Many international thinkers believe the time has come for India to out perform every other country. They are visioning India at the summit under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi. Professional believe, Mr. Modi as Prime Minister of India will only expedite its speed on becoming the super power. Nevertheless India will still become super power.

It is time India gets its due in world. Its time India out powers China!!! 

Hardik Bora

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Tum Hi Ho

Jab tak jaan main jaan tha main yaha raha
Jab tak saas main saans thi main yaha raha
Ab jaan bhi tum hi ho kyuki ab saas bhi tum hi ho
Kyuni tum hi ho meri jaan aur saas bhi tum hi ho

Teri nazaro ne mujhe jeene ki umeed di
Teri baato ne mujhe jeene ka hosla diya
Teri zulfo ne mujhe jeene ka chen diya
Kyuni tum hi ho meri jaan aur saas bhi tum hi ho

Zindagi main pyaar aur dard ki kaami thi
Zindagi main yaar aur dusham ki kaami thi
Zindagi main mujhe duniya main teri kaami thi
Kyuni tum hi ho meri jaan aur saas bhi tum hi ho

Hardik Bora

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

We are together

I see you with closed eye,

I see you in every smile,

I see you everywhere,

Because we are together.


Last time you said you are alone,

I was left heartfled with clone,

I want you to believe we are close,

Because we are together.


Never give up cause I am here,

No matter what happens here and there,

You are sweeter, sexier and coyer,

Because we are together..


- Love,


Sunday, 30 December 2012

Mera Pyaar..

Tanhaniya main hum jiya karte the..
Hum pyaar tumse kyu itna karte the..
Aksar aate the tum khayalo main..
Hoti thi baat aakho ke isharo main..

Kyu rehte ho itna dur ki paas na aa paye..
Pukarro hume kabhi bhi jab dil chayhe..
Hum aate rahenge har waqt muskurate..
Kyuki aasu nahi tere dekh paate..

Aajeeb gali hai yeh jo dil ghabrae..
Gale lag kar hum sab bhul jaaye..
Aaj tuje main pukarna chahta hoon..
Kyunki har waqt tujh se pyaar karna chahta hoon..

Hardik Bora.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

You & Me

The day begins with a prayer for you,
The night ends with a thought for you,
I need you as much as I need air,
And you so far is just not fair.

To know you is dream,
To love you is butter cream,
What happens between us is awesome,
And we look together so handsome.

Be the way you are forever,
Never change may come whatever,
You are fresh with ample grace,
And you smell so sweet with fragrance you wear.

I hold your hand for I care,
Need you with me without terms to bear,
All along we move together,
I promise to stay forever..


Hardik Bora

Good Wishes...

Live your life full with joy,
And throns turn into coy,
I wish you best with heart at rest,
Hope you remember me when ur depressed.

Your marriage may bring you love,
And with children it may trove,
I wish I met you before,
How much I will have you in adore.

People come and people go,
Some stay forever for they never go,
I am one who sits aback,
Holding ur back to avoid setback.

Always smile for a million miles
It heals sorrow with kyles
As you go along a long path
I wish you good luck like an oath!


Hardik Bora.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

At Your Feet

When i look at you I bow my head,
Dont feel bad as I can see your face fade,
I look down at your feet in awe,
Its the best thing I ever saw.

I know you are humble,
Just like a little slumber,
All you need is a shoulder,
To keep ur arms around in a thunder.

You have me in a shutter,
So that its open during all weather,
All you need to do is a tweet,
For i am always starring at your feet.

Just close your eyes and remember one thing,
No wonder where you are i am still the same being,
Ever you need to look back at me,
You know you will find me at your feet.

Hardik Bora